Age: 33
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Enslaved By Master
Occupation: artist/looking
Location: Sheffield, OH. USA
My Biography
Ok...about me..message me if you want, but here's a little bit... ok I'm 19 and I hate college...but then again who doesn't? I have a boyfriend, he lives here but is in Connetict, working, right now...I'm very sad cause I want to see him. But anyways...onto better news...I'm an artist and I want to make comic books someday. Yea...I'm weird...but atleast I admit it! ^_^
I hate: airplane rides, stupid people, my old high school, posers, hypocrites, discrimination, people who insult DDR or anime, people who have problems with vampires, people who destroy other peoples art for no reason...I think that's about it..
I love: my boyfriend, sex, LOA, anime, manga, music, DDR, my family, art, music, vampire novels, the Anita Blake seris, cute things, soft things, plushies, my boyfriends hoodie...I think that's about it...maybe not in that order, but the boyfriend does come first in any order! ^_^

that's basically it for me...have questions or comments, go ahead and ask. I have no issues! ^_^

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink