Age: 33
Sex: Female
My Biography


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Hi my name is Calypso

I'm 17 years old and at the moment my life is filled with marks and paper work over getting into the right university.

Same old story... same old hat, country girl that grew up with thoughts, ideas and interests that wasn't exactly the same as the rest, I loved going to the city when I was little and would frequently wonder off on my own to discover new things, which of course would freak my parents out when they found me talking with strangers, never mattered if they were rich looking, poor looking, homeless, whatever.. if they lived in the city I was absolutely fascinated.
The first time my father took me to an art gallery I never wanted to leave I thought I could survive within those walls with nothing but the paintings as food for my eyes and I kicked and screamed when it was time to go home.

I guess you could say that i'm somewhat gothic, I really have no explanation for the reasoning behind the first time I put eyeliner to eye, spike to wrist/throat etc etc. It just happened. I just do it because I find it beautiful.. I dunno its just the way I like to be, I'm not sure about America or anywhere else but here I'm always having to explain myself to others.. often complete strangers, for the way I dress.

♥Likes: I really like the water, from rivers to seas, to lakes.. swimming pools, you cant keep me out of the water.
which of course brings me to the snow, I'm a big fan of the snow as well, my favourite hobbys include, water skiing, wakeboarding, then normal skiing and snowboarding.
♥Dislikes: Um, hmm, the usual i guess, most veggies =D, I never really warmed to coffee either..

hmm anyways I'm all out for today, nice meating you all.

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"Thats why we tread so wary around her white little magic feet. Because of the dances they can do.
When Calypso dances, things move."


Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink