Age: 65
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: Grand Poobah
Location: Tempe, AZ. USA
My Biography
The profile picture is indeed me. Some 57 years ago or so. Cute little bastard, wasn't I? Truth be known, I've aged well. I'm a Child of the 60's and lived in an era that most of you young farstuckers can only read about. I turned 60 this year. Yeah, it seems pretty fucking weird to me, too. I certainly don't feel 60 years old! You just sort of mosey along through your life, stopping to smell the flowers here and there, then one day you look at the calendar and it's like "Holy shit! When did I become an old fucker?" Thank-god I didn't turn into my father.

So, party on youngsters. Just be careful out there. Feel free to drop me a line and say "Hi!" or ask for advice from an older perspective. I've lived it and am more than happy to share what I've discovered along the way.


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