Age: 37
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Committed
My Biography
Involuntary Vaginal Vermin Slut

You defiled my trust, you whore!
Slut, betrayed after all that I've done.
Gave you everything and fucked your brains out.
Ate your snatch like a roastbeef sandwich.
Licked out your asshole and drank your breastmilk.

Heartless, adultress, you crumble underneath my fist.
Never wanted this, but bitch you forced my hand.
You wouldn't suck my dick, and now I understand.
Welcome home, to a world of pain.
Your life is over, your lover's gone fucking... insane.

Behold my instruments of torture,
the hideous vermin mass.
A writhing amalgam of insects,
fills your unfaithful snatch & ass.

Deep inside can you feel them?
As they scratch for a passage out.
Why should you scream to have them inside you
when everyone's fucked that cunt?

I can almost taste your pain.
Filled with hate you scream my name.
Spread your legs one final time
and scream out loud in vain.

Now cunt you will pay my price.
Wriggling sick torture device...
stomach bristling, bulging with my
filthy vermin vengeance.

Now your suffering is almost complete,
tearing the membrane as all of them meet.
Asshole and pussy are torn into one.
Cockroaches twitch and the spilled fluids run.

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink