Age: 39
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Committed
Occupation: RVT
Location: Here, OH. USA
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My Biography
I have a few tatts and piercings (this photo was from before I was tainted with the tatts and piercings). I love big bald guys. I love the Lords. I'm into hardcore, punk, metal, and classic rock, as well as some other assorted things. I am obsessed with Drew Barrymore. I am obsessed with Devil Girls (drawings, photos, dolls, etc.). Anything you want to know, just ask. I put my fave modeling pic I have done so far on here. Yep, that's me.♥

"We all go a little mad sometimes" -Norman Bates

"Some days are more equal than others. Some days are more than days. They're lifetimes." -Davo

"Thru insanity I will reach clarity." -Henry Rollins

"Sometimes I think that I keep getting up everyday because there's nothing else to do." -Henry Rollins

"I don't trust anyone and I don't ask anything from anyone I don't pay." -Henry Rollins

"People need to make life seem large at times just to survive it at all. We use lies and dramas to keep distracted from the fact that life itself is without moral or meaning." -Henry Rollins

"If I could open up my head and let it all fall on the ground it would make people throw up." -Henry Rollins

"I hope I don't dream tonight. Sometimes you can get so far in yourself that you don't know who you are." -Henry Rollins

"Dreaming about the past is like squeezing a match that has just been blown out. The fire is gone but it still burns you and causes pain." -Henry Rollins
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