Age: 32
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Committed
Occupation: unemployed, think what you wan
Location: Graniteville, SC. USA
My Biography
I am now making an actual profile
Tunes:Slipknot,Lords of Acid, Ministry, Coal Chamber, Static X, Massiv in Mensch,Front 242,Laibach, Rammstein,Nightwish,Slipknot,Korn,Fear Factory,ICP,AC/DC.Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers, Ozzy Osbourne(his solo career and Sabbath), Stabbing Westward, System of a Down, Sublime, Mushroomhead, alot, lot more

Of me:I am Adam, I am tall but not extremely tall, I am mixed with American Indian/White/Other, I hate bigots, and Femi-Nazis, and I am not to fond of most republicans(though I could be cool with you if you ain't a prick, I am 19 years of age, and I no longer attend Midland Valley High School, because as of June 1, 2007, I am a graduate. Oh and if you are wondering what the deal with me name is, look up the Spanish word Pendejo. By the way, click on the URL that says "mylocalbands" in the thing. You should listen to some of my music. There are only three songs on there, and I do more than trance and techno. I do house. Acid House. Ambient. Hard Techno. Acid Techno. Drum n bass. All kinds of things. Take a look. =17625

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink