Age: 38
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Sleeping Around
Location: Deer park, NY. USA
My Biography
♥My name is Jessica,I have an obsession with tongue rings :-p A very BIG obsession,I collect any graphics i can find of tongue rings ^_^ So yes obviously i have one,I have 6 tattoos, and 5 piercings,I love,photography and im intrested in graphic design as well as acting and exotic dancing,I love all types of music i dont stick with just one type.My favorite movie at the moment is Dawn of the dead (the new one) I am single :'( as of a month.It sucks.I miss my baby,Anyways im bi i tend to go for girls more though,I love clubbin and wrestling.I think George Bush is a prick.Sorry random thought heh. Yes that is me in my icon I know im ugly you dont have to remind me :p and i am addicted to live journal rating communties so if your into that also add me :). I lovve Journal icons i collect those also for my website which i will show off when im not so lazy.If you make awesome journal icons then i love you♥ If you dont then you suck..J/p i'll love you anyways. Well thats all for now i'll add more later ♥
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