Age: 32
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Committed
Occupation: goin to school
Location: South Bend, IN. USA
My Biography
LOOK!! i FINALLY put a pic on only after 7 MONTHS!!! wow took me long enoung huh??

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~what's new~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
♥I LOVE JACK!!!♥ I've been with him for about 2 months now and he means the world to me!!! I LOVE YOU BABY!!!

I like chilaxin with my friends!! I party and hang out alot....... when i'm not sleeping or working i like to go to the mall, go tanning, swim, hang out with friends, or chill at the movies oh yeah and party.

If anyone wants my pic e-mail me and i'll get it to you! just leave your e-mail addy!!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ABOUT ME!!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I'm about 5 foot (yes i know i'm short!!), light brown/blonde/red hair it depends how you look at it, blue eyes, i ride bmx bikes and chill with my girls, smoke the budda, my favorite color is pink!!
You can call me Ashley, Cheeto, Childress, or the short hot chick(lol-steven) it doesn't matter just call me!! haha lol

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~♥to special people!!♥~~~~~~~~~
♥Jack♥-baby i love you and you make me so happy!!! I can't wait to move out so i can spend as much time as i want with you!!I LOVE YOU!!!
Kellie- you've been my best friend for the past 6 years and i really do love you!! i hope you know that... i'll always be here for you too no matter what friends til the end
Casey- Even though we don't seems very close i would do anything for you in a quick minute so you know who to turn to if you ever need anything
Nicole- hey babe!! love ya!! happy now?? you're on!! you're a good friend and i wouldn't change that for anything!! I love Eric too!! haha no not really.....
Jon Belmerza- You're still my sexy #1!!!
Berta- and you're still my sexy #2!!!
Josh L.- Hey best friends forever right?!? love you my sexy Jelly Bean!!
Brandon- thanks for being there for me when ever i needed you even though your girl friend doesn't like me!!!! Oh well i don't like her either!! She can kiss me @$$ for all i care!!!

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink