Age: 33
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Grey-Hat H4X0R/Network Officer
Location: MN USA
My Biography
Hmm what can I say? Well I am a cool guy who likes to have fun. I have no friends on this website cept the faithful KidOfAcid, LoneVamp, and LOAfan69. I have talked to KidofAcid and lonevamp but I have NO idea who LOAfan69 is cause he's never messaged me so meh. Everyone else I just pretend to be friends with and wait for the proper moment to bite their heads off and spit out their guts and RARRRR!!! That explains my anger! *Fiddles thumbs* I play the drums. YAY that rhymed. I'm awesome.
HA. I love Lords of Acid but they aren't my only band. I also like:
Aus-Rotten, Destroy, Sex Pistols, The Clash, Anti Pasti, Blood For Blood, Assemblage 23, Some of Marilyn Manson, Amebix, Assuck, some techno junk, Depeche Mode, Placebo, The Skinjobs, Damage Deposit, The Gits, Punk rock bands in general, blah, blah, and uh blah, etc.

I love all forms of music except for Country. I only happen to like one Rap song. My favorite style of music is Hardcore Punk Rock. I also love techno though I have no prefrence. Etc. Etc, and ummm etc.
I love movies my favs are The Fifth Element, The Messanger(Anything with the Goddess Milla Jovovich), And A ClockWork Orange. I also love the book by Anthony Burgess, why is it that books are always better than the movies? I also love Hedwig and The Angry Inch. Plus my favorite horror movie of all time is the orginal George A. Romero cult classic "Night of The Living Dead"

--Some quotes of me and my friends--

"HAHA Fetuses are so crazy cool."

"There is a thin line between pain and pleasure and I think I have crossed it!"

"Call me a cunt! It turns me on!"

"Straight people take all the fun out of life. You have to be bi to have a good time!"

"You can't rape the willing."

"Sorry love no time for the old in-out, just came to check the meter"

"I wanna have a child, and lock him up in a dark creepy ass house, and train him to be a SUPER NINJA! (With an ARGHH at the end to emphasize super meca assassin power!)"

Shout outs to Holly Bear who is an amazing artist and is good at being gentle when giving tattoos.
Ana Kute who is amazingly small yet a very large mind and very beautiful artistic talent. You're short Ana deal wit it! HA
Here's my arm, Deanna. Have phun! ;)

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink