Age: 40
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Asexual
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Please hire me!
Location: Clinton Township, MI. USA
My Biography
I DIG ACID! I like going to raves, but also really enjoy a mosh pit. Freaky music and freaky people make my world go 'round. Sex! Scandal! Substances! and Lords Of Acid DO make you a better person!!!

Praga Khan is my guru.

O.K. seriously, I'm a student at the Recording Institute Of Detroit. I'm learning to become a music recording engineer/producer. My only limitations seem to be financial and not knowing alot of people in the music buisness.

I hate labels. The thought of someone trying to tell me who I am makes me want to kick them. Recently, someone I later decided I did'nt like was trying to tell me I am a "dark raver". What the hell is that? I guess if I had to tell someone who I was, I would say "I am a guy who like hard electronic music of various types from industrial to techno, who shaves his head, and wears baggy black clothing." What is the obsession with labeling and grouping people?

Can't you just like somthing without it being a social statement?

Music gets me high. So do hallucinogens.

I just like to have fun. Life is too short for negative shit.

Feel free to message me or E-mail if you want. I like meeting new people.

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink