Age: 39
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Occupation: not working
Location: Granite City, IL. USA

My Biography
I am a vampyre that people hate and no ones will ever love because of the cruse that I have put on myself because I am a gentleman vampyre but if you want to talk I will

The Clan I belong to is the Brujah clan we are not well known because we choose not to known but I was cast out.

Let me drink your blood so that I may have your madness

All my life I have lived in then dark for years I now I think that it is time to come out of my coffin and trun as many people into a vampire becaue they can never be a true vampyre.

My name is Lestat I am in the United States Marine Corps, right now I am in Japan. I am back in the States now.

Hell if you want to know something about my just write and ask

Lestat is not my real name you you would like to know my real name write me and I will tell you.

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