Age: 34
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Necrophiliac
Relationship: Single
Occupation: undead
Location: cortland, NY. USA
My Biography
What is it about a serial killa that attracts you?
And makes this music that you can sharpen an axe to
Taking you back through a hallway to a black room
No walls or ceilings, just doorways to pass through
You choose, chainsaws are always nice
But razorblades and knives are way more precise
When it comes to cutting, this shit here is an art
And we finish what we start, that's what separates us apart
From other motherfuckers, not saying no names
But them other motherfuckers (Ain't family)
And they say I'm sick, too sick
Well how sick do you get?
When you see a chest without a butcher knife buried in it
Wait a minute, give me an axe
I wanna smash your ribcage in half
For every time you laugh on our behalf
Will you let me another chance to redefine?
The mind of a serial killa


Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink