Age: 32
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: lookin for...
Location: East Hartford, CT. USA
My Biography
well peoples. im blk, irish and indian. i like evry type of music except gospel and country. im in love with bri(in the pic) and thats all you need to know for now. btw the pic is *ghetto* and if you take dat personally screw off and find some body else to aggravate
ok well....
im in love with someone from COA who is it??????
ok on to the serious shit:
this fuckin 'school' thing sux u kno that a fight should jus be good entertainment u kno?
i can say fuck u in about 10 languages isnt taht kool kids?
people are beginning to piss me off why is that?

another thing to ponder. why do girl call guys heartbreakers if they do the most damage?

Carrie thanx for helpin me make the site!!!!

These are the evil ones!

This world to me,
is already in order,
trust you,
to overstep my border,
Whats mine is mine,
cant you see?,
I got what i want,
you got jealousy,
u think its right.
u think i dont know,
i see throught you
your cowardice shows.

crying shame

It is such,
a crying shame,
u always wish,
to play these games,
Games to show,
your better than me,
that u get 1 up,
ha ha tee hee,
but i laugh,
to your poor attempts,
always failing,
in never ends,
because i can look at it,
from a bigger view,
i care less,
than what i think of you.


I fell for it,
Yet again,
these stupid games,
i must reframe,
fall back,
from what you mean to me,
to live my life out,
You say your the same,
u say u aint changed,
i know the truth,
youve re arranged.
U take them in,
bleed them dry,
leave them as sharp,
wanting to die,
But particular few,
ones like me,
take it in,
put u and your games,
where they belong,
back inside you,
Your all wrong.


I Feel Safe,
when im alone,
If i screw up,
the faults my own,
i plan days,
the day before,
Ive practiced what to say,
before i knock at your door.
I Do this,
So nothing goes wrong,
Not wanting your hate,
Keeping mentally strong
I'll look to the stars,
my lucky charm,
Watching over me,
keeping me from harm,
Ill Hide all my insecuritys,
Away from you,
Wanting recognition,
Approval from you.


There was SOMEONE you had,
Who Was Always There,
The Pain Has Risen,
So that SOMEONES Not there,
The Anger Inside,
For trusting AGAIN,
Feelings Shattered,
TOO much pain,
This Wont Subside,
Or Die Down,
Just SOMEONE to laugh at,
You Won that Round,
Had this Big Delusion of u,
Thought Ur heart was gold,
& had feelings too,
That SOMEONE is Pissed,
For Trusting again,
Doesnt Want Nothing,
Not even You As A Friend,
So Bite The Dust,
Its Clear 4 All to see,
That SOMEONE was ME.

Build up to fight.

Before it comes,
i know its there,
each movement you do,
i am aware,
i trust the two,
who come to my aid,
im indesdructible,
im not afraid,
but you are,
i can see,
so out comes the sharpened steel,
as you put it to me,
but i wont feel pain,
so u can cut me clean,
Id laugh out loud,
losing my mind,
shoving that knife,
making you blind,
this is now obvious for all to see,
im indestructible,
u cant hurt me.

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