Age: 40
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Relationship: Single and Bitter
Occupation: mommy
Location: tempe, AZ. USA
My Biography
Will my world ever be right
Or will i be bound for a life to always fight
Please make me smile
Even if its for a short while
Lie to me tell me you love me
Even though its not what i seee
Dont treat me like trash
My heart you will only slash
Inside im cold and black
Look you will see that its a fact
I am a torn and torcherd soul
Only to love my life in a black hole
I got life in one hand death in the other
Then i remember why just be a cutter
Why not take it all the way
Someone will miss you one day
I wouldnt do it over you
Even though you make my life grey and blue
I do it to the pain
Hell a black angel to gain
Never to know happieness
My life always to be a mess

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink