Age: 33
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Necrophiliac
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Random Artistic Deeds
Location: Sait Petersburg, FL. USA
My Biography
He began to laugh. Maybe he had nothing left in him to rage about, after spending three hours beating his many hatreds as close to death as he would ever get them, every day. Maybe he had shed all his tears to share with the angels who wouldn?t receive him; to lay over the graves of all that he had lost; or maybe it was something else. It seems that when one goes deep into one?s self, one eventually turns inside-out, and re-enters science and human nature. The pain and hurt one builds his or her shell out of, becomes what is on the inside. And what is on the inside is released to the reaches outside of human grasp.

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink