Age: 34
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Necrophiliac
Relationship: Dating
Occupation: school
Location: Summerfield, FL. USA
My Biography

Music: Korn:slipknot:Wumpscut:Funker Vogt:KMFDM:Murderdolls:Godsmack:Dope:Otep:Noir:BiLe:Crossbreed:Wolfsheim:Soil:Hatebreed:Chemical Taint:Poison The Well:From Autumn To Ashes:Cradle Of Filth:Dimmu Borgir:Razed In Black:Marilyn Manson:Why Must Stars Fall:Killswitch Engage:Eighteen Visions:Genitorturers:Dry Kill Logic:Ill Nino:Coal Chamber:Arch Enemy:cannibal Corpse:Dead Star Assembly:Indorphine:Orgy:NIN:Slaves On Dope:Order By Chaos:Powerman5000:White Zombie:Rob Zombie:Sevendust:Velvet Acid Christ:Old Mans Child:

Likes::ORAL SEX:BLUE or GREEN eyes:Bright RED hair|::mmm::|:Winter:Black:red:Sexy hands:Pretty lips:Bondage:sexual intercourse:Biting of the neck:licking:biting in GENERAL:Nail polish:bubbles:Pretty skirts:Short pretty hair:Paleness:Fingernails:Evil-ness:Maturity:IMmaturity:Senseof humor:Wonderful personality:individuals:Cuddling:Dark makeup:Soft kisses:Good kissers:Chains:Piercings:Good music:etc..I could go on,but I'm sure you get the idea,right?Good!

Dislikes:Me naked:MOST people:bad makeup:Bad Breath:ugly piercings:Ugly hair:Spongebob:Overweight people in tiny people clothing:bad music i.e;Rap,country,hip hop,jazz,etc.Drugs:No personality:Money-hungry bitches':Lame jokes:When people never laugh:Depression:heart breaks:Bad kissers:heat:sun:tans:Deformedhands:critics:Society:FEET:bugs:Bright lights:sticky stuff:Ugly ugly clothes:People that don't know the difference between "Your" or and "You're" or "There;They're;Their" Come on already,this is like...5th grade shit,LEARN IT,it's easy =):Myself..etc...Get the idea?Yes?No?
Who cares.

"The only reason you're still alive is 'cause someone has decided to let you live."

I'll end my anger with this gun against your head

♥[I admire hate]♥
[I hate *love*]

=-|Dont be a pussy;sacrifice your life for me and step in front of the bullet.|-=

Things to remember:
That crackwhore on your street:could be me
That fat lady with a bunch of cans:could be me
That bitch that's fucking your boyfriend/girlfriend:could be me
That mysterious person in your worst nightmare:could be me
What do you think the point of this is?
There isn't a point. Just remember them.

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink