Age: 48
Sex: Female
Occupation: no pants dance instructor
Location: uranus

My Biography
i ♥ Maurice

This is my collection so far:

Praga Khan- Bula Bula, Stir of Echoes, Praga Khan Conquers Your Love, Pragamatic (with LOA rejected tracks), 21st Century Skin, Lonely single cd, Mutant Funk, Love single cd, Freakazoid, Tausend Sterne single cd, Soundscraper, Pickup Truck cd single
The Next Dimension, Visions and Imaginations.

LOA-I Sit on Acid '45, Lust, Hey Ho single, Take Control single, VooDoo-U,Our Little Secret, Expand Your Head, Heaven is an Orgasm, Suckin' in the 70's, Farstucker, On the Racks, Greatest T*ts
Screened, Screened II, Heaven is Coming,

Save Sex - I don't do a thing (with condom still attached)
Musical Reporters - Blow Job
Major Problem - I Still Have a Dream
Major Problem - Acid Queen
Babe Instinct - Disco Babes from Outter Space
Dirty Harry - D'Bop
Erotic Dissidents - Shake Your Hips
This Is the New Beat CD
TechnoMancer Autumn '97

too lazy to brag about the rest of my collection

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink