Age: 38
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Dating
Occupation: Slacker
Location: Margate, FL. USA
My Biography
Made this for my love ♥ Kara ♥ at her request. Not sure what to say , i like punk music...old school shit mostly anything that sounds really raw and things most people dont like Crass , GG Allen , Catholic Discipline, whatever...fucking poor ass 20 year old with like 3 articles of clothing to my name, so i cant really afford to be goth or punk or..whatever...dont drink or do drugs anymore. Have no life, only talk to people online most of the time, dont have many friends and dont ussually like to go out and do shit unless its something worth doing. Good show or seeing people that i dont get a chance to see very often.
Im into bondage, blood , scratching biting , rough sex, then all the cutsie cuddling kissing and such , im a sucka for that. Would rather spend my time indoors with someone i love then being out( specially if its daylight outside). But i like to go out if theres something worth doing. Love graveyards and gothic architecture, but tehres like none of that shit down here. Anyway pretty boring life, but a nice person and easy to talk to, so gimme a shot if you want to talk.
Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink