Age: 34
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Engaged
Occupation: Bum
Location: in a Jar under your bedUnited Kingdom
My Biography

twat face
fuck face
wooly hair
broken hearted


Mailyn Manson*Gary Numan*NIN*AFI*HIM*London After Midnight*Dead can dance*Dreadful Shadows*Apoptygma Berzerk*dead voices on air*christian death*Switchblade Symphony*the distillers*Lodon Symphony Orchestra*the Hungry Ghost*Skinny Puppys*Cruxshadows*Razed in black*dance or die*diary of dreams*front line assembly*Jesus complex*KMFDM*mesh*ministry*projec t pitchfork*wolfsheim*girls under glass*David Bowie*the cure*dead or alive*the water boys*soft cell*strawberry swithblade*ghost dance*born for bliss*butterfly messiah*the creatures*Lacuna coil*love like blood*

Likes :-

like:-warm hands?dreads?tatts?white face?eyeliner?hair dye?death?fairys?glitters?make up?bed?b()ndage?rings?fire?prett y colours?children?playgrounds?cracing mirrors?razorblade?scars?rain?storm?anarchy? pentagram?candels?lovely smells-?PVC?newrocks?freedom?daisy chain?parks?nail varnish?Ladyboys


fashion-war-close minded ppl-white trash-laws-liers-back stab-past life-heart brakers-working-life-breathing-family sometimes-fighting-avril-wannabes- 16 yr olds sex obbsessed-big brother (that program is for ppl with no life and only watching other ppl life)-muderdolls(cant stand them)-god-jesus-sun-cows(there scary)

itz 8.30pm,she arrives at my house in the car daddy bought her last birthday,i dont invite her in,she awaits me on my cold hard doorstep,i slam the door in the faces of my suspecting animals,they know wots going on... i take the skank to her car "drive SKANK",she drives along happy to b my slave,i order that skank to stop and park,she obeys...
"on ur knees,skank"i scream as a grab a handful of her skanky blonde hair,i lead her in2 a cold dark cellar,itz SOO SMALL,that skank is obviously quite disstressed by now,i throw her hard against the wall.she notices the piles of indian ash surrounding her,i walk out slowly as she begs me 2 stay,i SLAM that door hard on the screaming,scared, pathetik, little skank,..ash flys everywhere..within 2 seconds she has choaked to death...i killed her...

Long after midnight, on a night like this- I'd sit by my blacklight and dream of your kiss- pulsating music filled my room and my head and I dreamed what it'd be like to have you in my bed- I'm your best nightmare- And then it happened, you were in my arms- your lips on my throat- your hands on my, on my- two bodies together the intimate sin- the pain and the pleasure could do mortals in- how could you know what I'm thinking of- to me lust can be as beautiful as love- here tonight, your pure heart and soul- untainted passion should have no control- She asked me if I...- I told her the truth- I said "I'm sorry it takes me longer than you"- she smiled and blushed and continued to grind- and promised to make me go out of my mind- returning her promise she came to a halt- licking my lips I tasted her salt- then she sat up and gasped and clutched at her breast- I thought she was coming- I'd never have guessed that- as she grew pale, as white as a flower- she collapsed to the floor and was dead in an hour...

"Before i say anything must do something..." *POKES ROB" "Rarrrr"... I'm walking the path of life but i've got lost and i can't find noone to lead me in right direction so i remain alone and lost in this plane known as reality... What i want i cannot touch or hold but anything i can have i don't want... such is love... Once Alone... Always Alone... Never With... Always Without... Why Must i fall in love with the wrong girls/boys... i have no idea why i put myself in punishment... I hate my world sometimes and maybe i should destroy it... Life seems so much like a box of Chocolates... Ya know? the one you want is always taken or the one you get is discusting and YUCK!... lol
I should open my eyes... see who is a lust or a love... have the eyes of a eagle... hmmm... na then where would be the fun of hide and seek :P I will appeciate all forms of life *splats spider with guitar* and i promice to never break my heart again with a girl/boys...hmmm if your reading this and thinking what the hell is She? im a weiredo... a loser... but thats life sometimes you just have to live with it!... :)

My Pain Is Your Art
Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink