Age: 36
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Single
Occupation: ++White and Alive++
Location: BangorUnited Kingdom
My Biography
I like:-warm hands?dreads?tatts?white face?eyeliner?hair dye?death?fairys?glitters?make up?bed?b()ndage?rings?fire?prett y colours?children?playgrounds?cracing mirrors?razorblade?scars?rain?storm?anarchy? pentagram?candels?lovely smells-?PVC?newrocks?freedom?daisy chain?parks?nail varnish?Ladyboys?[BANDS]?*Mailyn Manson*Gary Numan*NIN*AFI*HIM*XPQ-21*London After Midnight*Dead can dance*Dreadful Shadows*Apoptygma Berzerk*dead voices on air*christian death*Switchblade Symphony*Lodon Symphony Orchestra*the Hungry Ghost*Skinny Puppys*Cruxshadows*Razed in black*dance or die*diary of dreams*front line assembly*Jesus complex*KMFDM*mesh*ministry*project pitchfork*wolfsheim*girls under glass*David Bowie*the cure*dead or alive*the water boys*soft cell*strawberry swithblade*pet shop boys*ghost dance*born for bliss*butterfly messiah*the creatures*Lacuna coil*love like blood*the last dance*

Innocent child, how you thought you knew me, understood my ways, my dark needs, the hunt is not the thrill I'm after, I want the kill, the conquest, to be your master, wrap your arms around my pale skin, it's too late to back out you're in, on your knees and praise your new lord, deeper now, and here's your reward, take me to bed and rip me apart...

No life, No love, No dreams, No reason to remain,
No eyes, No vision, No pain, No, No Nothing, No
mind, No thought, No sex, No awe to feel, No
heart, No Nothing, No, No, No Nothing...
Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink