Age: 38
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Straight
Occupation: Retail Manager
Location: Tampa, FL. USA
My Biography
I am just a bitch in this world, nothing special just blah. I am a mother to a gorgeous 2 year old
boy who I love more than anything. I model in my spare time not professionally just as a hobby
but it has landed me in a few mags and on a few websites so I can't complain. I have 4 tattoos
and a few piercings.. I have a Chinese Dragon that covers almost my whole back that is still in
the works (needs to be colored in) I have an Ankh on the back of my neck, The left eye of Horus
The sign of the moon on my right arm and a butterfly on my ankle. I have my Monroe, Lip,
Tongue, Navel and ears pierced..
My hair used to be very long and black but it is naturally a dark blonde color. I recently cut it off
and bleaced it just to dye the back of it black and the front of it pink and it now alternates
inbetween colors..
In my off time from my full time job I spend time with my Family, play Video Games, Play
MUD's & RPG's, Work on my site to try and sharpen up my web design skills, I love Paintball,
Play Pool, Go to Rocky Horror on Saturday nights, Go to Dennys at 2am
drunk with the crew LOL, I am not much of aclub person so I don't really go...

I am not a religious person but I can be spiritual. I believe in science and I also believe that
there may be something more to everything, but just not what other religions make it out to
be. Many things have happened in my life that are border line miracles so I would be close-
minded to not believe that there could be more than all of this. I just don't believe in the
hypocritical books written that we are all supposed to follow blindly. So no just because
I dress the way I do I am not a fucking devil worshiper, to worship the devil you must
believe in the Christian god and that is something I do not. I am still searching for
my own answers.

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink