Age: 49
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Sleeping Around
Occupation: Whatever I decide
Location: Littleton, CO. USA
My Biography
I'm a rather new fan to Lords of Acid (by just a few months) and I have a friend to thank for that.. He came over and downloaded a video and after hearing the song, I became hooked... So thank you!!! You know who you are.. Let's see... A little about me.. I'm Wiccan and have been for over 7 years.. I enjoy pain, giving more then receiving....but I'm game for both.. I like the control!! But I have learned that I also like to give up that control with the right person.. You know, the whole trust factor...
Why am I here... I'm not really sure but we can figure that out together.. If you want to know anything else, just email me.. I'm open to everything...

Forgot to mention that I have one piercing.. Guess where at? May do another near the same area.. But the next spot will be the nose or eyebrow or both..

Dance the dance of lovers
I don't need no other
To ride the waves of pleasure and pain
Come on boy obey me
Lick my boots to please me
Maybe I will loosen your chains

I can break your will
I can make you kneal
I can force you to crawl and to lick my heels
Cause the power is mine
Power is mine

"One of us is thinking about sex..... Ok, it's me"

"I need some really bad. (are you really bad?)"

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink