Age: 42
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Student
Location: Schwenksville, PA. USA

My Biography

So last night at the bar, I met this guy named Rob. explained to him how I just finished school. blah blah blah. Got into this conversation about life and how much it sucks. Rob said not to get married until you are at least 26. Rob is on his second wife, who is really hot, great sex. Rob said he is divorcing her because she doesn't get along with his kid from his first marriage. Rob said he wished he could trade places with me. So take Rob's advice and just have fun, get laid, and don't worry about anything like kids etc. until you are at least 26.

Okay, so I graduated college. Now I'm going to go corrupt boy scouts working at a BSA camp this summer.

You know who you are, you know where you've been. You eat Chex, and drink your coffee.

You are still like the earth and only see few of the stars that are really there.

Why would you want to?

Why wouldn't you want to?

Far is the frog who strays from the pond, and shallow is the pond with no frogs.

Exscuse me?
Twat did you say?
I cunt hear you
Perhaps I have an ear infucktion
I think I'll finger it out later.

If I am nothing
Can I be alive?
If I am something
Can I be entirely dead?

Do people know things?
Are they important things,
Or sucked up in the inane?

What will we do to fix that which isn't broken
Rather completely totaled
It can't even be sold.

There's nothing you do
To make me alive
Yet with something
You are not completely dead

There are things you know
That are not as important
As the things you do.

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink