Age: 40
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Occupation: psyotropic phlospher
Location: hampton, TN. USA
My Biography
Come on people surely im better that a 4 rating...
Describe the type of person you might be interested in
meeting (either romantically or platonically). What
traits do you find attractive?
just someone how is cool and has interests same as
mine and is as talkative as differs on the girl.their is no one set
give almost anyone a
chance.i dont care about
height, color,weight,religion,age
but has to b over 21 but its not written in stone im
28 4 crin out
really depends on the
girl.i just dont wanna go to jail and ive been
lied too about age can understand that.i
also love kissing.,but
i think a kiss should be so much more 2 me that a
tounge in someones mouth!!!i
also love romance,and chivelry is not dead.

Give a detailed description of yourself: personality,
physique, likes and dislikes.
i need to fix the pic i have on here
i love cajun and japanese food.i also love music.i
can not list all of the
groups.but if you ask i well answer any 5'11,white,hair color changes often i
love dying im
letting it grow out mabie.its down to my shoulders and its plum and eyes
change color upon my mood
,i weigh 200 but im like 30% not rock hard. im
a big cuddly teddy
bear.i LOVE attention.
.im not a
or a player out for ass!i couldnt do that.its not in get hurt too
badly.i have a heart.
id like to find a hippie raver girl but i talk to all

Which virtues give you most of your self confidence?
If you could change one thing about yourself, what
would it be?
im ALWAYS hungry .ask me anything .i belive our
faults make up unique.i live
more by phlosiphy.what ever flows is
my laid back attude and ability to listen
god is in ever thing just look for the beauty.
"Its hard finding that someone, isnt it? Takes hurt, determination and faith on top of love. It is as longsuffering as it is beautiful, and as much a choice as an experience. -Drew Mersereau"

If you could choose the ideal friend, what would
he/she be like?
kinda like depends on the person.
i Miss Fries329*sigh*R.I.P
i also miss my snuggly bunney,sweet rose and fallen
Do you belong to any organizations, clubs, teams, or
special interest groups?
.its weird im like no outher
person.just ask
im just spiritual.i dont think it has a gender or
name.its holey.people get 2
caught up in fucking it up to understand its easy.just
be the best you can be
and peace will open minded and listen.their is
no set right or
wrong.their is a purpose for all.why question it.i am
better when talking in christian just dont like outher
christians.for the most part they
dont get it.oddly enough dogma was right

Do you collect anything? (i.e. stamps, coins, albums,
anime. comics.ben&jerry's ice cream!
hotwheels.usuerally anything that
interests me?i also love rpg's,and comics.hacky-saks
and art!!!i like jhonen vasquez,joey mars,and todd
i collect pics.give me what ever you i
dont care about nude just
pics,and paintings,drawings,sketches just sent me them
and i love poetry..also incense. i LOVE the scent
'lily of the valey'its liek
catnip 4 me.grrr.roses also..i love them outher than
that really i love to
hear outher persons

Favorite pastime? Sport? Hobby? Diversion? Just what
goes on Sundays at your place?
tv and radio..sundays is varries.always eats good.
getting really lost and have an adventure getting
home?most of the time.

What language(s) do you speak, read or write?
idiot,southern,one fingered sign,i know american but
not yet english it
confuses mah.

If you could 'Do Lunch' with anyone, who would it be?
any not picky.just hungry.

If you could become any animal on earth, what would
you become and why?
a plataupus..its weird and cool like me:)

What are your all-time favorite movies and/or actors?
i like jay and silent bob. im built liek Bob^_^,star
wars...,the jersey
trilogy,kung-pow!!!,cheech and chong....bubble boy
is cool,im reallly
into comedy..Parker Lewis the tv show
..and.i also like 3 stooges,the marx brothers,alot of
older comedians,its
timeless.i like stand up also.i like that 70's
show,friday&next friday,the
stoned age,the blues brothers,ghost
Story,who da
orange,rocky horror picture
show,the lost boys,hackers,the exorcist
matrix,akira,austion powers,fight
club,little shop
of horrors,most movies by troma films if you know who
they are you get a
suprise!!!i like alot of cult movies.

What are your all-time favorite musicians, groups, or
tooo many to name.just ask!i like
cake,mettallica,korn,blue oyster
cult,anime,techno,the crystal
method&chemical brothers,wu-tang,Bob Marley,led
ivy,nofx,reel big fish,green day,Nelly
kings,kitty,112,dmx,no doubt,dave
matthews,the ramones,cyperss hill,d-12,linklin
of the dog,soundgarden.
i Like 80's rock,celtic,folk music(dont ask)and swing
also.i know thats
weird.but im
not im rare and unique??
and if i keep telling myself im normal some day ill
ACUALLY befive it.^_^.

If you were to inherit a fortune or win the lottery,
what would you do with it?
blow it.i suck at saving, but i like buissness.who
knows?i live each day as if
it was my regrets

Do you have any pets? What are they and what are their
i really want another reptile ,or mabey a rat(ok i
know thats weird but they
are minuature dogs but easer to care 4)

If you were to meet someone for the first time, what
would be the "perfect" setting? love to sweep a girl off her feet.

What were your favorite toys as a child?
ill tell you my fave when im done
but till then ill share:p

What is your dream car and its color?
i dunno ill take anything.beggers cant be chosie.
a hearseO*o a hippy bus Yea:p

What's printed on your favorite T-shirt?
the one i was born with one;)
lol just kidding???
damn i forgot it again.j/k????ummm....

P.L.U.R if you can tell me what that means youll get
alot of points with me

If you could pick one super-human power (such as
comic-book characters have) what would you choose?

What is your dream vacation? Where on earth have you
never been to that you would like to visit?
sanity.ive heard its nice and ive never been there.
the outher side of the looking glass.
but i know every Rose has her thorn.
i dont know i have a tropical heart.

What are some of your life-long goals? Where would you
like to be in 2 years? In 5 years?
really expand my comic book collection?
doin massage for a living.helping outhers.

Any additional comments? Is there anything that the
questionnaire didn't cover?
im ball9wild at yahoo messinger and im angrouin and ball9wild
on aol .im new there so
write me!!.im not
a this and please hit me back.

Not all who wonder are lost.
You laugh because im different,i laugh because youre
all the same!

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink