Age: 41
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Committed
Occupation: Artist
Location: Portland, ME. USA
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My Biography
♥ME♥: I love to dance, sing, write poetry, stories and songs. I love to watch anime cartoons, like Inu Yasha, TriGun, and Space Cowboy. I smoke cigarettes. I like chatting in chatrooms and on messengers. I like to play roleplaying games. I also like to watch wrestling. My favorite Lords of Acid songs are pussy and speed racer.

♥MUSIC♥: Lords of Acid | Staind | Static X | Slipknot | Nirvana | Dr. Dre | Snoop Doggy Dogg | Green Day | Burnside 6 | Puddle Of Mudd | Monster Magnet | Ramones | Red Hot Chili Peppers | Insane Clown Posse | HIM

♥A Poem for Y'all♥

Some say love,
Is like a river,
It runs deep,
Into the heart.
Some say love,
Is like a Heaven,
From which you don't,
Want to part.
I say love,
Is like a razor,
It cuts deep,
And causes pain.
I say love,
Is like a desert,
That is dark and dreary,
And that prays for rain.

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink