Age: 49
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Occupation: homeless hooligen
Location: minnehopeless, MN. USA
My Biography
some times you feel like a nut most of the time you are!
ever dance with the devil in the pail moonlight?

well i have just found my mother after 13 years of thinking that she was gone to a better place and i was right she moved to Sweeden the other part of my family lives in INDIANA so if any one in INDIANA sees this please drop me a line i would like to talk to ya about it for a moment.

help I need HELP!!

well it"sallmost x-mass and i thank all of you that thonk of me happy ho-ho day to all of you
well today is the last time for a while befor I'll be able to check my mail so if it takes me some time to reply i'm sorry for that. So play on with that funky beat.

I live a chemical life,i'm on a misson to try ,you went insain for the day,i'll have to shove it away,my only option is breaking away &it falls,you want a simpler life,
I'm living it up as I'm falling from grace,theres no way that I'm running away!

IF I't s late I'll never leave it If that it tourned around I greave the dirty things that we use to talk about.I mean that loveing you is strange& adored by me throughout. oh no it's you again. someday you'll find that someone.

I stand at the brink of your mind,living inside a nightmare from which i can not awaken,stand at the edge of your life, just give me one more moment,from which i'll never awaken. Standing at the brink of my own demise, fallen for another mistress of burden,to idiolze,hopeing that one will chose,to let me in. One thing to rember is that I have feelings too,should have closed my eyes if I had known the real you. Now I'm walking away from things in my own past.

I LOVE SEX!!! It's just too bad that I dont get it that much!
It makes me wonder if I'm not as hot as I think that I am!?!
I wish that I could put a photo of myself up but i dont have a photo cam to shoot one of me.

i can't belive we did it when everyone thought we could'nt.
did anything it took , admit it, looking back we wont forget .
everyting we've seen all that we've done how did this begin?
someone said to me hows it going to be if it ever ends?
I don't know? will it end? We'll never forget what we did yesterday!
I don't forsee it, faced it all did our best.
all the miles that we went, all the time we spent we learned our lesson.
We learned from Yesterday!

who do you want to be today? do you want to be just like someone on T.V.? is's like a dreaded illness when there is nothing on t.v. !
i'd rather be a cowboy than stare blank at the wall. I think I'll be a teddy boy, i think a hunk , I think I'll be a punk, maybe a fashion star all dressed in frilly rags,or perhapts I'll cross the other side & walk around in flags!

well its my deceseded daughters birthday today and i'm trying to deal with that loss it is not easy!!!( She died this past October, the one & only true love of my life!!!)
so I went out & got drunk for her 'cause she could'nt. life is so hard on days like this.( HAA HAA I said hard on.)
So no matter what you do in this life or the next one allways Remember the ones that you love!!!!!!!!!& they will always be there!!!
things are better when your with friends
but, sometimes not even thefood or drink would fill my lust for the company of a good woman!
there are things that people dont understand about how I see the world.
Am I alone in thinking this?
let me know your thoughts on this.

well its a new day and i have revamped my life.
things are better than i ever thought they could be.
i'm on my way to be the well known artist that i want to be. soon i'll be on the cover of a self written book.(the model i'm seeing wrote it, GOD SHE'S HOT!!!) the olny thing that is in my way is the damned snow!!

well it's allmost haloween and im sleeping in a friends truck it sucks but it's all that i can do for now untill i make enughf $$ for a place of my own or a ticket to anywhere!!
it's strange to think that when you ask for help from a friend thay totaly give the cold sholder. that realy me off!!!

I know what it's like to have a voice i the back of my head!!!!

ever laid half awake all hours of the night with a demon tugging at that tiny bell inside your mind ,you grab for it and then, the hole thing slips right through your fingers.

what is the law ?
animals came from miles around so tired from walking so close to the ground. they needed a change thats what they said life was better walking on two legs! but, they were in for a big suprize, 'cause they did'nt know the law.
we walk on two legs not on four, to walk on four legs breaks the law! And what is the law, And what happens when we break the law?
what happens when the rules are'nt fair, We all know where we go from there , To the house of pain!

once there was a man who decided he knew every thing, once there was a book that he threw in me face. what does he want from me?

i'm so sick of this terrible instinct , it's so hard just to find you now, now I kept the pain inside, want to torch the world!!, 'cause I'm breathing fire!! I'm all alown.

**well I can't realy belive no one was sent to get me & I feel like I'm beeing erased & no one got left here.
I'm all alown now no one sent to get me
But I'm fine now no one left to get me
If it's fine then stay, I can't breathe when I see the pictures sent without you. I feel like I've been erased. I'm so sick of this terrable instinct it's so hard to find you now!

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink