Age: 45
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Relationship: Single
Location: IL USA
My Biography
im a music fanatic-with over 4000 cd's-i love art and film-writing-favorites include-marc almond-boy george-dolly parton-pet shop boys-erasure-tori amos-vnv nation-apoptygma berzerk-front 242-wolfsheim-lords of acid-praga khan-prince-kylie minogue-deathcab for cutie-bright eyes-anything box-madonna-biz markie-krs one-missy elliot-lil kim-book of love-hocico-frontline assembly-skinny puppy-pulp-london suede-david bowie-soft cell-iris-morrissey-the smiths-color theory-radiohead-bjork-cyndi lauper-reba mcintire-barbra streisand-liza minnelli-josh groban-cosmicity-depeche mode-b! machine-faith assembly-ladytron-funker vogt-echo image-europa-covenant-culture club-interpol-the rapture-gary numan-rufus wainwright-kill hanah-linda eder-bette midler-ben folds-marilyn mansion-margaret cho-sandra bernhard-moby-linkin park-vast-donna summer-junior vasquez-todd terry-shep pettibone-old school house-fischerspooner-peaches-kmfdm-joy electric-joy divison-new order-pansy divison-refused-anti-flag-placebo-human league-duran duran-red flag-jj72-beborn beton-kraftwerk-gene-thrill kill kult-patti labelle-bis-kate bush-belle and sebastien-arab strap-cursive-lou reed-everything but the girl-peter gabriel-carly simon-pixies-frank black-creatures-annie lennox-sioxsie and the banshees-elvis costello-sinead oconnor-dusty springfield-rem-dead or alive-and many more--as you can tell i have a varied taste but my main love as far as music would be synth oriented stuff--synth-pop--industrial etc--i also love remixes and dance as well as theatre--musicals--jazz etc--im very open to everything-im currently single and seek the one thing lacking in humans these days--a good conversation-i seek people who still feel passion about things--im not about the system we live in-michael moore-im not into drugs or drinking but love "real" people who can be "real" about everything-secure in who they are no matter how "weird" it may be-i have no regard for time-im a night person-i dont believe you need to go to school to be something--i believe you have to push yourself in life because no one else will do it for you-im not bitter--im a "realist"-i do believe there are other people who feel and think as me-i believe most of society is poisoned by television and the media in general that lies to us-you wil never catch me in a conversation about the weather but a conversation about something that is relevent to ones emotions or feelings--i believe we should all express ourselves and emotion daily and we shall find like people-i am gay however i am not a stereotype--im not into the gay bar or party scene--im looking for people who's lives are music-who can hold a good conversation and i believe you are out there-feel free to contact me.

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink