Age: 43
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Committed
Occupation: artist,writer,musician,student
Location: Greensboro, NC. USA
My Biography
orthodoxy is not thinking..not needing to think. othodoxy is unconciousness.
-george orwell

i am
*poet*artist*musician*insane*public speaker*philosopher*college student*emotional*scarred*overly sensitive*too caring for my own good*pagan*

my heroes are-
my family(who've been with me through hell and back ... "family", to me, exceeds blood relation), anne sexton, aleister crowley, rozz williams, hunter s. thompson, james keenan maynard, alex gray

Avenged Sevenfold- Waking The Fallen

Wake the ones and rise tonight
Fallen souls we shine so bright
Rise now and ever
forgotten memories
No one can touch us

Points of Interest

angel magic, angels, anime, anne sexton, art, bands, bass, bastet, bdsm, bisexuals, bois, bondage, boots, branding, cameras, cds, celtic stuff, ceramics, chains, clothing, compassion, computers, corsets, crazies, crows, daggers, dance, demons, depressing shit, drag queens, dragon magic, drums, dykes, egyptian stuff, emotion, empaths, erotic photgraphy, erotic photographs, erotic stories, esp, faerie magic, faeries, fishnets, flash, freaks, garder belts, gay clubs, getting beaten, girls, goth clubs, goths, greensboro, guitars, guns, guys, hair dye, happy shit, hentai, hippies, history, intellegence, intimacy, jewlery, jim morrison, keyboards, kitties, knives, lace, languages, leather, lesbians, lingere, love, magic, makeup, men, mind dwellers, movies, mp3s, music, musicals, musicians, my angel, mythology, naked people, nonconformists, nordic stuff, nudity, openmindedness, openness, operas, outcasts, paganism, pain, peace, philosophy, photography, piano, piercings, pixies, poetry, porn, pot, psychology, psychotic movies, psychotic people, punks, rap, ravers, razorblades, religions, romantic stuff, rozz, rubber, safety pins, scars, schizos, senses, sex, shamanism, singing, spikes, stockings, studs, suicide, swords, tansvestites, tattoos, terry goodkind, the occult, tori amos, traveling, triphop, velvet, vinyl, voices, web design, whips, wings, wolves, women, writing

Speak Evil

phases of pain

lifted you up on a pedestal
but it was me that fell from grace
shattering the bones
and ripping the nails from my flesh
(i've never seen a light move
like yours can do to me)
and my scars run deeper
than your words ever echo
and my mind screams darker
than your night ever will
removing myself from my world
trying to see things from the outside
but distance won't cure the blind
and i wish for you
i feel nothing
and my heart feels pain
tired of wondering
and wishing for you
cause none of this will change a thing
none of this will change a thing
won't clear my mind
won't stop the screams
none of this will change a thing
felt pressure from you
by you
felt you uncoil
and lose all ground
(and i'm a flyer baby
but hovering is not my style)
just like a brick wall
trapping me in as i pushed you away
releasing you to the night alone
(noone should have to face the underworld alone)
and i didn't care
and you seemed even less
than my voiceless screams
less the my desire
fullfilment of the claimed
but not broken
deaf to that
speaking of...why have you kept me
locked me away
making me yours that you never display
reducing me to your desire
to your movements
and i hang on by your thread
but never in control
never in control
madness is my crucifix

and i scream for the deaf
and cry for the blind
nail my body down
and let this madnesss bleed out of me
and i'll paint it
as beautiful as i wish i could be
hear evil

(i can't name all of them off the top of my head..so here some of them)

nin, christian death, rhea's obsession, tricky, lords of acid, crass, distillers, rammstien, drop kick murphys, flogging molly, sins of lust, the last dance, cruxshadows, the adicts, godspeed you black emperor, the angelic upstarts, blitz, suicidal tendencies, faith no more, sisters of mercy,cradle of filth, electric hellfire club, exploited, velvet acid christ, dimmu borgir, opeth, nearly god, him, outkast, sarah mclachlan, danzig, fiona apple, depeche mode,
project pitchfork, counting crows, apoptygma bezerk, veruca salt, marilyn manson, depeche mode, misfits, devocthkas, x, tori amos, type o negative, jane's addiction, cramps, dead can
dance, spooks, this mortal coil, dead milkmen, deftones, garbage, fear factory, delinquent habits, l7, ramones, sexpistols, poe, portishead, everything but the girl, sneaker pimps, social distortion, dead kennedys, bif naked, coil,
delerium, disturbed, front line assembly, mc 900ft jesus, evanescence, switchblade kittens, operation
ivy, the business, sham 69, subhumans, cockney regects, the buzzcocks, 4 skins, johnny cash,

See Evil

traffic, hannibal, silence of the lambs, reddragon, evil dead series, slc punk, american history x, buffy the vampire slayer, invader zim, a beautiful mind, frailty, road to perdition, the haunting, the exorcist, pulp fiction, kill bill, hellraiser series, friday the 13th, run lola run, natural born killers, the sweetest thing, go, spun,
schindlers list

Words of Evil

anne sexton, edgar allen poe, aleister crowley, stephen king, terry goodkind, susannah kaysen, emily dickenson, jim morrison, mark danewslenski, neitzche, terry pratchet


Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink