Age: 38
Sex: Female
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Feeding the machine i despise.
Location: Louisville, KY. USA

My Biography
Gods are a fragile thing; They can be killed with a whiff of science or a dose of common sence.


Your life has been reduced to nothing, your apartment has nothing but a matress and a television smeared with blood where you underestimated its strength. You have the courage to answer your door after two days and say, 'Hello, my name is distance, and i don't care if i never wake up again.'


Tunes: tool, switchblade symphony, nin, zombie (white), kill switch engage, soilwork, drop kick murpheys, muse, radiohead, korn (old), rage against the machine, doors, led zeplin, pink floyd, pantera, marilyn manson, rasputina, mandragora scream, eminem, offspring, three 6 mafia, beethoven, bach, debusy, mozart, tchaikovsky, dante, metallica, lacuna coil, my ruin, just a few.

Seems to unfold perfectly. Learnt information of past, present, and no longer will be. Just when you think it couldnt get any worse. Worry pounds down upon you with furry you never believed. Faith. Have faith in the unknown. The unwilling. The unwanted. Have faith and peace in the knowledge of knowing. Knowing everything could end tomorrow. Tomorrows another day. A new day. A new beginning. New end. A new end to the stories of aftertime. Pebbles scattered all around. Lives scattered invisibly. No return. None there. Hardships throughout life level out like bridges over water. Infestation. The unwanted. Welcome the truth. The faith. Welcome it. Relies it was all fake. It is all fake. Drag the truth across the ash floors. Residue. Stained. Perfection lost. Never was there. Never will be. Welcome to truth. Welcome to faith.


Peircings consist of: 1/2 holes in bottom lobes, 4ga above those, conches, industrial, 10ga cartilage, 4ga tongue, 10ga nipples. bitches.

"O' conspiracy... shamest thou to show thy dangr'ous brow by night when evils are most free. O' then by day where wilt thou find a cavern dark enough to mask thy monstr'ous visage? Seek none conspiracy. Hide it smile and affability. For if thou path, thy native semblance on, not Purgatory nor Erebus itself are dim enough to hide thee from provention."

Visuals: donnie darko, spun, requiem for a dream, fear and loathing in las vegas (bat country), nightmare before christmas, a christmas story, evil dead, interveiw, the client, terminator movies (suck my nuts bitches), the ring, elm steet flicks, bio dome, bowling for columbine



Food For Thought:

The similarities and situation between the Donner party and colonial pilgrims, is both appalling, frightening, and incomplete. In both cases you will find one, a fairly large group of ill prepared green horns pitying themselves against nature and each other. Two. And insignificant willingness to endure the very real hardships of fronteering and three... coincidental misfortune at every turn. Number three. Coincidental misfortune at every.. turn. Disasters at both camps were initiated by about by departured lay induced inertia, which caused our heroes to begin their journeys at absolutely retarded times weather wise.
If fantasy is the refuge of the frightened man, and a castle in the air is a safe harbor for a foolish few... just imagine, living in a hut buried twelve feet below the snow. With the sight and smell of the scattered carcasses of loved ones at your feet is the lay of the land. Just another day.
I would like to propose that cannibalism was indeed rampant among Americas only settlers, the pilgrims. (huh?) the pilgrims. For what does settler imply, if not the willingness to settle for a meal of human flesh if my thoughts on the subject are to be believed.
In conclusion,spread the word of this. Look to the night sky and hark back to your four fathers short comings, and your own. As your country meat and lay the ground work for a new. Tomorrow.


Back to basics. The beginning. The end. The never will be. Hopeful thinking, disrupted by your closest, your trust. Disgraceful motives of everything you bleed for, everything you work for. After its all done and over with. Back to basics. The beginning. The end. Though behind closed doors theres the serpent of balance, boggling you side to side, back and forth. Beginning to end. Twisting up the trust you so willingly with held in yourself. Your closest. Lost and forgotten. You lose your way through the unbalanced levels of head games, disgrace. Blinded by the salty liquid. Meaningful. Unnoticed. And here you are now. Crippled lies bewilder your mind. Lost. Confused. Forgotten. Alas, its happened before, it will happen again. Again. Again. Strength is the key due to unlucky survival. Your hands will be clean tomorrow. Stains of unlucky few will wash away. Repetitive trust issues. Issue out the trust. Disgrace yourself to get where you need to be in life. Lessons of the untouched. Unknown. Unforgotten.

Youth of today. act your own way. dont be one of them their not sublime. remember that your living on borrowed time.

JC's Personal, Evil Plans for Establishing World Domination

1) Break BoBo's heart. Almost 30 - Virgin - Street Preformer and Clown - no explination needed, really.

2) Steal Romanian Babies, sell to Black Market for Cocaine. Oh, snort the cocaine.

3) Become acid dealers, join the Rainbow Family, be Phish roadies.

4) Break outta jail. (We all know that's where we're headed.)

5) Go to Sveden. Buy whores named Volga or Volvo. Ride them as if they were actual cars. BONG!

6) Assinate President of the U.S. His last name is Bush- Much like Martha Stewart's cunt. Oh, Kill her too.

7) Rob Toys-R-Us. Take toys, leave, come back, take money. Oh, run, then claim the robbers were Mexican.

8) Lock all "Ghetto" inhabiters on a remote island somewhere where the hurricanes come. (Not racist, all races that live in the "Ghetto"... even the white.) Put underground electrical forcefields in the Earth, shock collars on necks. Without crack, one by one run themselved into the force field, killing themselves by electrocution. Hey, you WERE ethical, you warned them. I prefer "Public Housing" to the word "Ghetto"

More to come..

Fury said to a
mouse that
he met in
the house,
"Let us
both go to
law: I
will prosecute
you. Come,
Ill take no
denial: we
must have a
trial: for
really this
Ive noth-
ing to do."
Said the
mouse to
the cur,
"Such a
trial, dear
sir, with
no jury
or judge,
would be
"Ill be
judge, Ill
be jury,"
you to


The rush of indescribable ache. The paced footsteps of deniable affection.
The squeal of exhilarating repose. The ominous pity of regretful seduction.
The eminent repulsiveness. The loathsome talent.
The narcotic stench. The loss of balance.
The diminutive existence. The prudence of redemption.
The weakness of lies. The vigor of reduction.


Quote for the day.. week.. yeah.. just a quote....

"We all enter this world the same way: naked, screaming, and covered in blood...But if you live your life right, that kind of thing doesnt have to stop there."


The abuse of greatness is when it is disjoins remorse from power; and, to speak truth of God, I have not known when his affections swayed more than his reason. But tis a common proof that lowliness is young ambitions ladder,
whereto the climber upward turns his face; But when he once attains the upmost round, he then unto the ladder turns his back, looks in the clouds, scorning the base degrees by which he did ascend. So God may; then lest he may, prevent. And since the quarrel will bear no color for the thing he is, fashion it thus: that what he is augmented, would run to those and these extremities; and therefore think him a serpents egg which hatched, would as his kind grow mischievous and kill him in the shell.


Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink