Age: 42
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Occupation: wanabe rockstar
Location: HelsinkiFinland
My Biography
Fire walk with me...

Noticed that this site is still alive.
Seems like im alive too. At least on some level.
Every day seems to be filled more and more kryptonite...

Nobody is perfect but i'm pretty fucking close
and i'm here to give you all a heavy heavenly dose.
I think you'd better listen 'cos I know who you are
and i think that you should treat me like a superstar.
Because i'm more than just a human i'm a gift to all of you
and i'm here to make sure that my message gets through.
I wonder if you're really all as dumb as you look
or are you smart enough to learn the rules in my book.
I hope you understand that the knowledge i bring
puts me in the position of a god or a king.
'Cos i'm blessed with the gift of the magic touch
and i wouldn't say that i'm asking for to much.
All you have to do is get down on your knees and pray
and i promise you the remedy is on its way
but you can never be like me so don't waste your time
because i reign supreme and my position is divine.
I'm not afraid of competition 'cos i know that i'm the best
and you haven't got a chance to even pass my little test.
Even if you wanted to you couldn't pay the price.
There ain't no room for losers in my perfect paradise
'cos life is always based upon the weight of your success
so i'll make sure that i get the most and nothing less.
If i love myself then everyone will love me to
and there's nothing you can do for me that i can't do.
So welcome to my kingdom and enjoy your little stay.
Even if you can't afford it i'll still make you pay.
So you'd better come and get it and enjoy it while you can
don't tell me that you're dumb enough to think i give a damn.
I couldn't care less about what you achieve
and there's only one thing that you have to believe.
The only thing important that you have to understand
is that no matter what you say it's still a god. I really am
the biggest the best better than the rest, better than the rest!

Here SOME of my favorite bands:
Marilyn Manson & the SpookyKids, NIN, Sepultura, Gojira, Mindless Self Indulgence, Anathema, Head Control System, S.O.D., Ministry, S.O.A.D., Dimmu Borgir(first 3 album), Ulver, Danzig, Waltari, Wind of pain, Kingston wall, Cypress hill, Kuroshio Current, Fear factory, Mary, Nicole, Amorphis, Radiohead, Therapy?, Ancient, Pantera, Moonspell, Stabbing westward, Aphex twin, Raised Fist, Viikate, Type o negative, Ugly kid joe, Apocalyptica, Korn, Tool, White zombie, Deftones, Pain, Ozrig tentacles, Suicidal tendencies, Infectious groove, Machine head, Diablo, Nocturnal breed, CMX, Mana mana, Of the wand and the moon, Agalloch, Summoning, Nest, Maj Karman Kauniit Kuvat, Antimatter, Paatos, Eläkeläiset, Feindflug, Fantomas, Gåte, Harmaa, Tenhi, D.R.I., Mokoma, Life of agony, Faith no more, Mr.Bungle, Fantomas, Tomahawk, Satyricon, Old mans child, Malignus, Rattus, Rob Zombie, Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Bauhaus, Joy Division, Impaled nazarene, Thy serpent, Abyssos, Virgin black, London after midnight, prodigy, opeth, , Skitsystem, Death, Lab4, M.O.D., future sound of london, Kyprians Circle, etc..

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink