Age: 41
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Monk
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Living a life that is not mine
Location: scottsdale, AZ. USA
My Biography
A slumber did my spirit seal, i had no human fears

this is what i live for. Dark hallways, dead silence, strange lights that shouldnt be there. The slow shuffle of the undead. The deep unearthly moans of a tourtured and desperate soul. What better way to feel alive. A good scare is not something to take lightly, people have died...

"My Favorite Quotes"
"Look at me, I'm like an otter, a sexy little otter." -Stormy
"And were safe ladies and gentlemen, they wont be bothering us anymore. I chased them off with my nudity....does that arouse anyone down there or....?" -Sex Offender Captain.
"...ok. And we've docked. And i feel a little sexy...who down there wants to meet the captain, and feel sexy with him?" -SOC
"Ahhh Fuck, fuck fuck fuck" -The Offspring
"Don't Fuck With Us Or We'll Fuck With You" -The Offspring

Music is good. I like it. mm...
Malice Mizer, mc chris, Mindless Self Indulgence, primus, 311, OPM, The Offspring, Moi Dix Mois, AFI, pennywise, Stabbing Westward, NOMOPOLY, LORDS OF ACID, orgy, Asian Kung-fu Generation, Mount Sims, The Pillows, almost anything i like. heh.

Oh yeah, heh.. im not 22, im 17. if anyone knows how i fix that i would die to know...

Want to Bite me? can i bite you?

How do i dress. does it really matter? most would say no, but we all know it does. I dress lame. thats about all i can call it. nothing hip, nothing to draw unwanted attention. huh, attention, funny thing about attention, i thought i wanted it till i had it after that i desired no more. I hide behind normality. talk is cheap so i dont do much talking. no one knows me, or at the least no one cares. I take nothing and i offer nothing, though i have more than enough to give. the ones who cause the real trouble are the ones you never see coming. remember that the next time you see a mohawk or a guy wearing mascara and think "that guys trouble".

I find it funny that some people are assholes to the people that will someday save their pathetic lives.

Are you one of those people?

too many lines?



A thought about the Pope...

Even roses have thorns

I want to get inside your head
if only i didnt lose my drill...

whatever that means

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink