Age: 46
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Straight
Relationship: Single
Occupation: Dubplate assassin/ pho-sensei
Location: Bawlmer, MD. USA

My Biography

It's been a long time since I've posted anything thoughtful or useful on here, most of my current stuff is on my Myspace page. But, just to indulge you lot, I'll put up a little something something for y'alls.


Drum and Bass
House (progressive/soulful/deep/tech/etc.)
Hip hop
Trip hop
Whatevadafukstep (courtesy of Baltimore Stormin' Brainz)
Trance (under certain circumstances)

I love.
I restrain.
I avoid.
I rage.
I against I.


Always look out for the quiet ones.

Seems like everyone has a MySpace profile these days. Especially here in Baltimore, anytime you go out to a club, chances are you'll see someone who looks familiar... most likely from MySpace.

Big up the pho.


take me where the time has gone
where secrets go to hide
where spirits go to cry
where your heart went to die
your only alibi
you're guilty in my sight...
for once i am not villified
the one to blame
the nameless name
for once i do not bear the shame
you've taken that priviledge from me-
the hated one
despised inflicter
whispers from your friends
disparaging my character
"and how could someone so nice sink so low...?"

came so far up to find you
a fire to remind you
i burned and scarred myself for you...
inflicted punishments fit for a god to send
from up on high watch as you fall again
i hear you call again,
and i can't hold myself away.

pray we'll last another day...



The serpent pulls/ the end of Us (tell me)
where upon the Earth you stand
(hold you) in the palm of my hand
I've walked and walked across the land...
your scent will not be long unknown to me,
and when I find you then we both will see,
see who lasts until the
last until the memory
(of us) begins to fade and die
tooth for a tooth, eye for an eye...
it all comes back to me.

tie you down to bind you
a fire to remind you
I burned the i of I's for you...
gave up the dreams I made for you
I drove myself to pains for you
put my heart is chains for you...

and now we're through.

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink