Age: 39
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Committed
Occupation: transferring jobs
Location: chandler, AZ. USA
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A persons pain is always part of the process to anothers happiness.

How could a person suffer and and actually suffer from pain, but happiness?

How much pain would someone go through to gain happiness?

As much pain it took for its worth would want to make one suffer.

One who has achieved happiness is shown pain from ones who still seek to achieve

While in the same sense,

Some one who is constantly recieving pain,shows and achievment made from one who whos happiness comes from feeling drained.

In every moment of time, all choices made by everyone, are made to gain all needs of happiness for everyperson in all measures of time.

Do realize every choice made will be by consequences for the better or for the worst, OF ALL LIVING BEINGS.

Which in all, result to actions taken from consequences made due to ones choice of decision. FROM ALL LIVING BEINGS.

The action in which steps towards a new happiness are taken will at times, action in the loss of ones state of happiness.

In reality, every moment of time, happiness is whished to be gained in every person. For you see, it is impossible for everyone to maintain for all and one can never be tamed.

~ Sabrina Lucke ~

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