Age: 49
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Bi-Sexual
Relationship: Havin' an Affair
Occupation: living under a wooly mammoth
Location: Mayberry USA
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My Biography
Just glad I survived Katrina....actually I made out like a rose. Met true love...I wallowing in my bliss.


The grape vine adorns,
The billy goat sports horns;
The wine is juicy, vines are wood,
The wooden table gives wine as good.
Profound insight! Now you perceive
A Miracle; only believe!
Now pull the stoppers and have fun!
A gorgeous well for every one!

I am near her, however far I be,
She'll never be forgotten and ignored;
Indeed, I am consumed with jealousy
That her lips touch the body of the Lord.

What are the joys of Heaven in her arms?
Let me embrace her, feel her charms--
Do I not always sense her doom?
Am I not fugitive? without a home?
Inhuman; without aim or rest,
As, like the cataract, from rock to rock I foam,
Raging with passion, Toward the abyss?
And nearby, she-- with childlike blunt desires
Inside her cottage on the Alpine leas,
And everything that she requires
Was in her own small world at ease.
And, I whom the gods hate and mock,
Was not satisfied
That I seized the rock
And smashed the mountainside.

TATTOOED WHITE TRASH! I ahd the best time at club Sinister with Morticia---SHE's the bomb! Never met a cooler chick--I wish all my friends were like you too--- can't wait til you come down here and party dirty south style---don't forget about the man who peed in front of us!LOL But ehen you come down here they pee anywhere--GROSS---ROFL

Got to finally meet Sickgirl--too bad her man was so sick we could have had a lot of fun--maybe next time. ;)

Met a cutie friend in Hollywood named Nate (hairdresser) did my dreds THANK YOU

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink