Age: 35
Sex: Male
Sexuality: Gay
Relationship: Dating
Occupation: Telemarketer. Mwahahaha
Location: Georgia, GA. USA
My Biography
I hate my apartment and this town, so I am ditching both for a new life in ATL this summer, I hope. Woo.

Fav. Bands: LoA, Tori Amos, Fleetwood Mac, Abba, Collective Soul, Sisters of Mercy, Elton John, Annie Lennox

Fav. Movies: Rocky Horror Picture Show, Brokedown Palace, Jawbreaker, But I'm a Cheerleader, The Wizard of Oz, Stigmata, The Others, and Practical Magic...

Likes: Orange juice, Mathieu, writing, reading, salmon, okra, late nights out, being alone, being surrounded, sleeping late, sexual intercourse, etc.

Can't Stand: Liars, Rednecks, dumb people, Abercrombie and other name-brand whores, bigotry, idle time, FCHS...

So, that sums it up enough, I think. Whatever.


bam8403: BTW, I think I ate gas earlier.
peterparker_2003: what?
peterparker_2003: you ate gas?
bam8403: Yeah. I know it sounds crazy.
bam8403: But I got some gas and got a little on me, and then my cousin gave me a scooby snack fruit snack thing, and I ate it, and it tasted funky. To make it worse, I licked my fingers because they were sticky.
bam8403: I eat gas. I think my IQ may be below 70
bam8403: Results pending..
peterparker_2003: wait.. you mean it was above that before?
bam8403: Don't think so
bam8403: *Nurnt nurnt* Slobber slobber drool..
peterparker_2003: haha!
bam8403: Yeah. It's tragic.
Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink