Age: 45
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Hermaphrodite
Relationship: Married
Occupation: zoo keeper
Location: suburbia, TX. USA
My Biography
Favorite LOA show: Feb. 18, 1995, Houston, TX @ Numbers. This was the most exhilatering show! While crowd-surfing, one of my shoes came off and people starting tossing it around! I was both pissed and devastated since they were my favorite shoes at the time: black, quilted, patent leather. Then, it somehow made its way on to the stage. Lady Galore picked it up and tossed it right back to me!

They came back for an encore show in June with Thrill Kill Kult opening the show! I was not disapointed.

love: life, art, photography, animals, red wine, creative music, live music, dancing!, creative people, intellectuals, dark chocolate, mediterranean food, sushi, vegetarianism, travel, italy, exercise, texture, esthetics, foot massages, pedicures, bubble baths, getting papmered, sunsets, full moons, cooking, experimenting, learning, adventure...

hate: ingorance, bad drivers, unmotivated people, violence, bad hair days, bad posture, selfishness, complacency, stagnation, litter, rudeness, people who don't smile or say "hello" in return...
Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink