Age: 55
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Lesbian
Relationship: Sleeping Around
Occupation: making $
Location: St. Petersburg, FL. USA
My Biography
I LOVE ? making films, ranting about politics, smoking, queer film, breasts that feel (hhmm.., and taste) like nice firm peaches, poetry, Sherilyn Fenn, spankings, girls that dye that their hair, cats, erotic art, sleeping all day, Siouxsie, porn, younger women, playing WITH (note: not PLAYING) my guitars, my tattoos, your tattoos, handcuffs, David Lynch, being a Scorpio, Iggy, blindfolds, lube, perfect asses, younger women, candles, Madonna, incense, reading porn to my lover in bed, Jim Jarmusch films, fucking to Lords of Acid, licking my girl ALL over, patti smith, pierced nipples, strap ons, painting, Paxil, deep wet intense soul kisses, John Waters, Jagermeister, Praga Khan late night (or is that early morning), film soundtracks, cutting my own hair, vibrators in all shapes and sizes, insomnia, younger women, brandings, Garbage and Shirley Manson, leather, Angelina Jolie, getting myself off, conspiracy theories, OLD punk, looking at online Personals, baaad grrls, coffee, fires, James Dean, sucking on that soft spot in the middle of the inside of a hot chick?s elbow and knees, Vincent VanGogh paintings, Sneaker Pimps, melting into someone special's eyes, women's wet slippery tongues, the art of Picasso, Consolidated, flirty grrls, black & white photograpy, my CD burner, YOUNGER WOMEN, sex on the beach or in the alley- or hhhmmm maybe the stairwell at the Airport-- (oh hell, anywhere, anytime), Johnny Depp, deep cleavage, latex, my digital video camera, ropes, self portraits, cybersluts, firm ?one cheek per hand? asses, music on vinyl, voyeurism, Isis, oh and did I mention I loove younger women...

I HATE -- Stepford people, patriotic propaganda, ?Resident?George W., Dick Cheney, and all the awful scumsuckers in the G.O.P., Britney Spears (posterchild for Fetal Alcohol Syndrome children), women that look like men, women who marry men, breeders, Spam Mail advising me to 'grow my penis' & 'my Viagra is ready', boy bands, reality(whose ?) tv, the corporate media, AOL, people that have flags until they?re shreds on their car, radio stations that play the lame crap, liars, cheaters, people that become stereotypes, World War,poseurs, the holiday season, David Letterman, Jay leno, flagwavers, did I mention the ?Resident? Duhb-ya and his cronies, Big Brother, homophobia, right wingers, Log Cabin Republicans..

If Life's a Carnival, wanna join me for the freak show ?

Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink