Age: 42
Sex: Female
Sexuality: Curious
Relationship: Married
My Biography
Joined In This Cage

Through the looking glass you see
Right into me
My thoughts as if were on a page
You and I joined in this cage

Glimpses of our past
Reaching to remember
But can?t quite grasp

With shared amusement
Though hostile air
Can we have what?s behind your stare?

Quite and soft spoken
With much to say
Just between us so it?s okay

Letting you in
Where I used to hide
My inhabitations set free
Because you let me be

Filled with fear and joy
Will we allow this to be destroyed?
Caught behind a line of love and hate
When will we stop this debate?

To come away a winner
Would only mean we are sinners
To love and hate
It?s now why we operate

With our hearts on our sleeve
Hoping to believe
We were made to be
You and me

Please tell me what is real
So I?ll know how to feel
I want you in
And free from sin

Will I be what you want me to be?
Can you love beyond what you see?
A figment of your imagination
I hope this is not your realization

Enamored by your constant being
To unleash my soul would be so freeing
Never to have touched
Makes me want you so much

Bound, tied, gagged
Unable to speak of what we have
Drowning in a world of normality
Has destiny become a formality?
Passed up, served over, walked around
Tortured by what we have found
Freedom must lie ahead
Or we may end up dead

Turn the key open the lock
Hoping to stop the clock
Our innocence rekindled
For a moment of splendor

Hanging on to happier days
The pain only seems to fade
Hazy gaze sadly pass
Yesterdays out of grasp

Release me from this cage
Pray no war will be waged
Let us spread our wings
Allow us to tune the strings

Play a new melody
Let us find clarity
Forgiveness and understanding
The feeling would be astounding

Never to again hide
Able to feel so alive
Freedom is a choice
I just need help to find my voice

Though the looking glass you see
Right into me
My thoughts as if were on a page
You and I joined in this cage

To all of you:

Well, what to say about me?I am a hard core southern ?bama bell, who loves to misbehave. I have been an acid head for the past five years and I love you Praga. Thank you Praga for all the good times we?ve had together. And as for Ven?s question ?Have you ever gotten laid because of this site?? well no, but I have gotten laid because of the Lords & Praga?s music, but then again who hasn?t. Over the years, I?ve been to many raves around the SE, but nothing can top the Lords Live. There?s something spiritual about their sound waves defusing through your body, it still mesmerizes me to see the instruments being played, but the sound cumming out is totally inconceivable.

Hobbies, Interests and Other Kinky Stuff:

*Love big guns (pistols), nothing but the 10-ring for me. I target practice with my girlfriend, we love to impress the guys with our abilities.*Love my dogs-the Rotwieller is the baby, I couldn?t imagine my life without him. * Love all kinds of music-Lords & Praga, of course, Keioki, Noel, Morcheeba, Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Slayer, Matthew Sweet, Violent Femmes, Dead Milkmen, Kenny Chesney, Rodney Carrington (the funniest man alive),80s Monster Ballads- I like variety & not to forget my boy Myztery a.k.a. Da? Ryddla (forever yur gurl, thank you too for always being my friend and sharing the ?growing? moments of life together)*Movies I love-Heathers, Scarface, Full Metal Jacket (Semper Fi), Eyes Wide Shut, A Clock Work Orange, Psycho, The Birds, Vertigo, Dazed & Confused, Trainspotting- I love Ewan, Snatch, Fight Club-Edward Norton just does something for me, he?s my movie version of listening to the LOA, oh and Devil in the Flesh II-Jodi Lynn-Oh My God she makes me wet. *Love reading Playboy with my husband, just turns me on. Lani Todd-makes me wet too* Love my Marine-in his cami?s and devil dog t-shirt *Love Saturday nights- riding ?The Loop? for hours in the pick up, listening to great music, getting wasted, and dancing till dawn.*

Turn-On?s- Curve, January, Marine Corp. Hymn, freedom, sex, music, drugs, dirty thoughts and this web site, thank you Ven, you are the man!

Oh and just for my sanity:
Go check out Alloy, I love his bio. He says everything that I wanted to say and so much more.

Gee, I guess I?ve said enough?Praise the Lords, Misbehave!!!


Lords of Acid - Pretty In Kink